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The newest member of our family just entered the world, so we thought we'd start this blog to show her and our other two boys off.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in so long. I have been very busy. I am trying to potty train Bryson and I am having an impossible time. I am flying through laundry soap because I will tell him to go potty and he'll insist that he doesn't have to go and then not two minutes later, he'll come out with new clothes on because he has wet his pants. At least it's not number 2 anymore, I guess. FRUSTRATING! Anyway...Emerie is just as beautiful as ever. Everytime I go in to get her up in the morning or from one of her naps, she greets me with a huge smile full of sunshine. She now has two bottom teeth and she's starting to roll over from her back. She's been rolling from her stomach to her back for a few months now. She's also trying to sit up. Kids, they're always in a hurry to grow up!


Kate said...

I miss little Emerie! I'm NOT looking forward to potty training- although it is a ways away. See ya tomorrow at the Girls Night!

Crystal said...

Fun times! I think it is grea that he goes and changes his clothes instead of sitting on your couch wet. We haven't seen Emerie for a little while we need to get together.

barrientosfamily said...

I am so glad you updated, but now I want some pictures! :) Good Luck with the potty training!

Crystal said...

Damita I have left a comment for you in reply to you comment on my blog.